OUR Drifter Bag

OUR Cowhide and Leather Drifter Bag is a result of OUR BABY BANTAM BAG.  We loved the Baby Bantam so much we just sized it up.  But given that Bantam means small - We just could not name this bag, The Big Bantam.  That is an oxymoron.  As we tossed around the identity of this great handle/shoulder bag, a John Wayne kind of a feel came across and it has become the Drifter bag.  Mostly because it is super functional for straight forward carrying of stuff.  There are two sizes within this bag that we do.  One is a stiffer more linear style and the other wider and much softer style.  We have people that love both, so we do both.  The cut out handle is great for using in a hand - clutch style and of course we designed a great shoulder strap.  By the way - shoulder straps haunt me in the middle of the night, as a bag without a great shoulder strap simply does not work.  All of our bags are designed for comfort and appeal.  But I must stress comfort is my very first objective in design on a strap.  When customers walk in with one particular bag with initials on it (not saying which initials), and I see the thin little shoulder strap cutting into their shoulder I can't help myself.  I offer to design and make a better handle for their bag.  Some have taken me up on it.  Some are not amused at my suggestion???  Their shoulders would love me......  Sorry, I can't help myself.

Embellishments include stones, conchos, fringe, crocodile crowns, crocodile backs, sueded leather, smooth leather, embossed leather. 

Cowhides are sourced from Brazil and Columbia.

This is OUR design and we make it here in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA