Denim/Lace Duster DAD1


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Embrace a blend of denim resilience and floral delicacy with this stunning sleeveless duster vest. It's a unique hybrid that marries the timeless ruggedness of denim with the soft allure of springtime. The garment showcases richly embroidered florals sprawling across a sheer, flowy backdrop, accented by solid denim panels that structure the piece with a classic touch. Perfect for transitioning seasons, this duster vest can be effortlessly styled over a sleek tank top, paired with your favorite leggings or skinny jeans. It offers versatility; wear it open for a relaxed and flowing look, or fasten it for a more defined, chic silhouette. Ideal for both spring's renewal and summer's peak, it provides an extra layer without the weight, making it perfect for warmer days with a gentle breeze. The denim adds a casual flair, while the floral embroidery whispers femininity, allowing for a variety of looks, from boho to refined.

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