20' x 2.5-in. Flagpole Kit - Made In The USA

Kit Includes:
-3” Gold Anodized Ball
-3' X 5' American Flag
-Anodized Aluminum swivel rings
-PVC Ground Sleeve
-Simple Press and Release Buttons For Ease of use
-Complete Installation Instructions

-Made In USA
-Buttress Diameter - 2.5"
-Top Diameter - 1.75"
-Flagpole Size - 20'
-Gauge - 16'
-Color - Silver, Black, Bronze
-Material - Aluminum
-Warranty - 10 Year

Installing Your New Residential Flagpole:
Once you have purchased and received your residential flagpole, now it's ready to be installed. When choosing the location of your flagpole, be sure to consider underground and overhead lines, trees that will continue growing and keeping your flag flying freely without it touching anything. Something else to consider may be lighting.  Will the location be appropriate for running electrical lines for lighting if you choose to do so?  Once you have selected the perfect location for your flagpole it's time to assemble the flagpole which may include:

- Unwrapping the flagpole shaft
- Attaching Top Truck Unit
- Screw Ball into Truck Unit
- Thread Halyard Through Pulley & Tie.
- Attaching Cleat
- Installing Flag Snaps on Halyard 

You are now ready to install your flagpole!! 
Here is what you will need:
- Ground Sleeve (provided w/flagpole)
- Shovel or Post hole diggers
- Level
- Tape Measure
- Mixed Concrete
- Wooden Shims
- Sand
- Flash Collar (optional) 

1.  Begin by digging your hole.  The depth and width will be determined by the size flagpole you have. The general rule for installation is 10% of the flagpole's height.  (Example: A 25' flagpole will need a hole 2.5' deep, a 30' flagpole's hole 3' deep.)

2. Insert Ground Sleeve in the center of the hole.

3. Pour wet concrete in the hole around Ground Sleeve. (Ground Sleeve should be 1” above concrete level.)

4. Use Level to make sure Ground Sleeve is plumb.

5. (Optional: Put Flash Collar on the flagpole.)

6. Place the base of the flagpole into the Ground Sleeve and walk the flagpole up until the flagpole drops completely into the ground sleeve.  (Ground Sleeve will be larger in diameter than flagpole's diameter.)

7. Use Wooden Shims and Level to ensure your flagpole is completely Plumb. 

8. Pour DRY Sand into Ground Sleeve between flagpole and Ground Sleeve until full.  This is what secures your flagpole.

9.  Attach your Flag....fly it with PRIDE!!