OUR Shirts


TOPS....what a broad category!!!!  The pieces that we put into the STONE FEATHER ROAD COLLECTION are each selected as items that stand on their own merit.  We do not sell matched outfits we create style and looks that you have options with.  Each item of apparel in our store has many ways it can be worn.  We often get tagged as a western store, but that is only a particular style that we can evoke.  We can take a great top and make it contemporary, western, casual, dressy and unexpected.  It's how you wear it.  It's how you accessorize it. It's how you pair it that gives you the result of "slaying it!"  That's what we are going for.  How can we create a look for you with our items that will make you feel great about yourself and loving the item(s) you decide to acquire.  Hang around our store for an hour or two and we will have you trying things you never thought we "for you."  Customers that I am just meeting will often say to me - "This or that is not for me or not my style."  That is like saying green light - "GO" to me as I totally love showing women how they can change it up and still embrace the core of style that they feel comfortable with while showing them that change is fun, change is exciting, and they can look and be anyone they want to be.  Do not let your community or the opinions of others define you, your style or what you want to do in life.  Bust out!  Try something new.  You might surprise yourself and others and really give people something to talk about!!!!  ; )